Steps in Radiation Treatment2018-07-31T15:43:14+00:00


1.     Diagnosis: When your doctor gives you a diagnosis of cancer, it could feel like your world just stopped. If you’re scared, nervous or don’t know what to think, you are not alone. Your team at Rosetta Radiology will be here for you during this time and we have innumerable resources to help you and your loved ones through this time.

2.     Meeting with radiation oncologist: At this point, you’ll meet with your radiation oncologist to discuss cancer histories and conduct an initial exam. Next, we will establish the purposes and goals of radiation treatment and spend time answering any all questions and concerns.

3.     Simulation: At this appointment, the radiation oncology team will use a series of CT scans to take measurements and determine how to accurately target the site for treatment.

4.     Treatment Planning: The dosimetrist at Rosetta Radiology is in charge of your treatment planning. This person will calculate your plan based on all of the information we gather at the previous appointments, then they will select the appropriate radiation beam sizes, angles, energies and shielding for the patient’s body.

5.     Testing & Treatment: We will test the measurements and begin treatment at the next appointment.  Every patient is different, so your length and number of appointments will vary depending on the treatment plan. Our goal is to help our patients become cancer free in the most timely and comfortable manner possible, because we know that while fighting cancer is a big part of your life, it isn’t your WHOLE life.