What Is Radiation Dermatitis? How to Take Care of Radiation Burns

Many people are hesitant about undergoing radiation therapy. Though it’s been proven to be especially effective at treating cancerous malignancies, the treatment doesn’t come without its side effects. One of the most infamous side effects of radiation oncology is radiation burns– medically known as radiation dermatitis. Today we’re discussing everything you need to know about this condition: what causes it, what the symptoms are, and how to treat it. Let’s dive in.

What Happens To Your Skin During Radiation Therapy?

It’s essential to keep in mind the reason that radiation causes skin damage: radiation therapy targets rapidly dividing and reproducing cells. While cancerous cells usually experience the most radioactivity destruction, skin cells tend to get caught in the crossfire because they also reproduce quickly. In simpler terms, your skin is also being damaged by the radiation, just to a lesser extent than the cancer cells. If you see skin rashes, keep in mind that this side effect means your treatment is working.

What Is Radiation Dermatitis?

Radiation dermatitis is one of the many side effects of radiation treatment. Also known as “radiation burns,” this condition can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause issues with a patient’s self-confidence. You and your doctor have already explored the list of potential side effects associated with radiation and determined the benefits to outweigh the risks; however, that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in silence.

How Do You Treat Radiation Burns?

Radiation burns can make you uncomfortable at best. While radiotherapy isn’t usually a walk in the park, you should always inform your oncologist about the side effects you are experiencing. Let’s take a look at how to take care of radiation burns. Use a product like Rejuvaskin’s professional-grade, botanical-based Skin Recovery Cream for optimal results.

How Do You Use Radiation Burn Cream?

First and foremost, it’s important to start using a radiation cream right away. Since most of these creams are non-steroidal, you can start applying them right after your first treatment. Keep in mind that your burns may not clear up completely until you have finished all of your treatments – regardless of which cream you use. Apply your radiation burn cream as often as the instructions recommend. If you find that your cream isn’t as effective as you had hoped it would be, try a new one.

Radiation Oncology in Manhattan

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