What Is An Onsite Radiologist?

When you need an imaging procedure done, you’ll likely go through the process of choosing an imaging center. There are lots of factors to consider when selecting an imaging center, but one of the most important is the radiologists who will be reading your scan. Your radiologist is who will interpret the images taken by the radiology technicians and diagnose you based on those images, so it’s important that they not only be incredibly experienced, you also want them to be onsite at the imaging center rather than a remote group.

Most people assume that their radiologist is present at the imaging center where their scan is conducted, but the reality is that not all imaging centers offer onsite radiologists, which can make a big difference in your experience. Below, we will discuss what an onsite radiologist is and the benefits of having an onsite radiologist.

What is an onsite radiologist?

As the name implies, an onsite radiologist works directly at the facility where you are going to receive your imaging procedure. Many places have remote radiologists, which means your images are sent off for interpretation rather than studied in house. In most cases, these radiologists work for an independent group rather than as employees of the imaging center where you’re getting your scan done.

Benefits of Having an Onsite Radiologist

As you can imagine, there are several benefits to having radiologists that work onsite rather than remotely. Here are a few of the top reasons you should opt for a center with onsite rads over one without them:

One-on-One Experience with Your Rad

One of the biggest benefits of onsite radiologists is the ability to meet with your radiologist prior to the procedure to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have. Afterwards, your radiologist can provide you with your results in person after interpreting them, giving you the chance to answer any additional questions you have about the results. Being able to experience personalized care for your specific needs is one of the biggest benefits of an onsite radiologist.

Less Wait Time for Results

Most imaging centers with onsite radiologists are able to provide much quicker turnaround times, with results available for patients in under 24 hours. For centers that have to send scan images to an external radiology group for reading, you may have to wait days or even weeks before getting your results. Rosetta’s onsite radiologists are able to analyze scans quickly and efficiently without having to send them out and wait for a response, which eases the anxiety and the “waiting” stage for patients who are nervous about their results.

Sidestep Additional Costs

Sometimes when a radiologist is remote and the images need to be sent to them at another location, there can be extra costs associated with sending them. For example, most companies that read remotely will charge a “reading fee”, which is billed separately on top of your scan fee from the imaging center. And while the center you go to may be in your insurance coverage, the radiologist group that is reading your scan may not. With an onsite radiologist that works for your designated imaging center, you don’t have to worry about additional “surprise” fees.

Avoid Potential Follow Ups

According to the American College of Radiology, follow-ups are less likely when an onsite radiologist interprets results in the imaging facility, which usually produces more accurate results and lessens the chances of you needing additional imaging tests.

If you need imaging in Manhattan, call Rosetta Radiology today to book your consultation. All four of our radiologists are board-certified and located onsite in our Manhattan office, meaning you can experience the personalized care you need!