Vocab Of The Day: Hysterosalpingogram

If it just took you 5 times to read that word correctly, you’re not alone. Under our diagnostic imaging section, you’ll see that “hysterosalpingogram” is a specialty procedure that we offer. Sounds super fancy, right? 

Well the good news is that the procedure is actually pretty simple! Although it may take over 5 minutes to pronounce the name of this procedure, the procedure itself takes even less time to perform. A hysterosalpingogram, or HSG for short, is a simple x-ray procedure that is used to see if a woman’s fallopian tubes are open and if the uterine cavity is normal. 

vocab of the day: hysterosalpingogram

It’s debatable whether an HSG increases fertility or not, but it is mainly used for diagnostic purposes. So ladies, if you’re concerned about your reproductive health, consider getting a hysterosalpingogram. If you’re concerned with pronouncing the name of the procedure though, feel free to ask your doctor about an HSG instead.

At Rosetta, we offer HSG imaging in addition to multiple other diagnostic procedures to make sure that you are getting the treatment and quality of care you need and deserve. You can contact us, find our location, and schedule an appoint here

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