Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and although most people tie the holiday to romantic love, it’s actually about a lot more than that. Valentine’s Day celebrates love of all kinds, as well as friendships. So, if you don’t have a significant other to share the special day with, no problem! Here are 5 Valentine’s Day ideas for singles.

1.    Spend Time With Friends

Celebrating good friendships are just as good as celebrating romantic love. This V-Day, call up your closest friends and make dinner plans or go out to Valentine’s Day events around the city! If you’re up for something a little bit more adventurous, you could also make plans to go skiing! In the Northeast and in New York, you’re only a few hours away from skiing slopes! Skiing is something most people don’t do often, so it will be sure to spice up your V-Day. Most winter resorts have beginner lessons that you can utilize.

2.    Speed Dating

If you’re stuck in the spirit of love, you could dedicate your V-Day to finding love. And, because you probably don’t have too much time, why not try out speed dating in your area. Many cities host speed dating events; here’s the local speed dating site  in NYC. Many bars will host singles nights too so make sure to get yourself out there and enjoy. Always remember to drink responsibly.

3.    Retail Therapy

Going shopping is always a nice way to treat yourself, and what better time than on V-Day. Grab some friends (or enjoy some alone time) that like shopping and hit up some outlets near you! Or mix it up, and instead of going to your local shopping mall, go to one further away. Buy cute clothing or accessories — it never fails to make you feel better and you can look fresh before getting back into the dating game.

4.    Host a Movie/Game Night

Invite all your single friends over for a fun night of movies and/or games! If you are feeling brave, you can even invite your non-single friends, just make sure it’s a good mix of singles and couples. Buy some wine you haven’t tried yet and keep it lighthearted!

5.    Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Valentine’s Day is all about love and friendship. Show your love for others by giving back in some way. You could volunteer at any kind of shelter or go visit your grandparents and take them out to eat! If you’ve been looking to get a pet, Valentine’s day is also a great day to adopt an animal (if you’re ready for that step).

These fun things to do on Valentine’s Day are sure to bring the loving spirit into your day. Just make sure to love yourself by taking care of your health, too! Feeling sore? Try these top 10 yoga poses before or after your day of fun. Here at Rosetta Radiology we love our patients, and we hope you have the best of times this February 14th!