Top Ten Health Tips for Men and Women

We’ve posted health articles before, but here are some more simple, but unorthodox, suggestions to stay as happy and healthy as possible. The articles we found these on were and, so we created two separate lists with our favorites. Here are some things men and women can do to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle. 

For the Ladies:

1 – Laugh…A Lot: Laughter eases stress, promotes social bonding, lowers blood pressure, and boosts your immune system.

2 – Morning Munchies: Eating breakfast, especially filled with fiber, avoids binging around lunchtime. You’ll also be more awake and, on average, skinnier, for eating breakfast.

3 – Fit in Some Zs: Seven hours of sleep each night can actually lead to a longer life, lower stress levels, a better memory, and reduces unhealthy food cravings.

4 – Taste the Rainbow: Not skittles, sadly. But brightly colored foods also contain flavonoids and carotenoids, which bind the free radicals in your body (lower inflammation).

5 – Breathe: Breathing deeply, from the belly, allows the nitric oxide to open up your blood vessels and the oxygen to make you feel happy and alert.

6 – Join that Class: Socializing, talking about your problems, and forming right networks are the real reason why women live longer than men.

7 – Avoid Fad Diets: The tips that everyone seem to be following to lose weight is not really the secret to weight loss. So, what is? Simple: decrease your calorie intake by about 100 calories. That’s all. It’ll add up to about ten pounds each year.

8 – Get Nutty: Nuts are the easiest way to get a dose of healthy fats and proteins. They help keep you alert and temper your appetite.

9 – Dance the Night Away: Dancing with complex moves is just as stimulating for your brain as crosswords and card games. Get out there.

10 – Chef You: Learning how to cook saves money and gives you control on what you put into your body.


And the Gents:

1 – Use the First Stall: Apparently people value their privacy, so the stall closest to the door actually has the most toilet paper and the least amount of bacteria since it’s used less often.

2 – Never Blame Yourself: Older men blame themselves when they lose their keys, while younger men will assume someone else took them. A mental trick to keep yourself young: never use your age as an excuse.

3 – Mirror Scratching: If you have a cast on your leg or arm and can’t reach an itch, sometimes scratching that place on the other limb can trick your brain.

4 – Keep Your Pits Cool: A quick way to break a fever is to put a cold compress under your arm or near your groin. Be sure to see a doctor though.

5 – The Powers of Green Apples: The smell of this fruit can actually cure your fear of small, cramp spaces. They can also make your home appear larger.

6 – Use Plain, Old, Regular Soap: The American Medical Association actually says that antibacterial soap doesn’t necessarily do a better job cleaning than regular soap, since about 50% of all soaps already contain antimicrobial agents. Antibacterial soap does, however, create more resistant germs, which is a problem.

7 – The Right Way to Drive: Picture a cold drink being poured down your back. The way your shoulders pull back and your spine curves is actually the posture you should hold while driving.

8 – The Powers of Honey and Pepper: Have a cut? Honey can actually destroy most strains of common bacteria with natural antibacterial properties. Pepper, also, has analgesic, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, and it actually doesn’t burn.

9 – ‘Stache Maintenance: If you have allergies, be sure to wash your mustache twice a day to clean out stuck pollen grains.

10 – Flush Your Enemies: Apparently flushing a toilet is a super satisfying feeling to men, so writing down the stressors in your life and flushing it down the toilet actually has been proven to help relieve stress.


Hopefully you learned a new way to stay healthy and feel more encouraged to follow these! Of course these are just 10 ways out of hundreds. If you have any questions, be sure to contact your doctor! 

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