Tone It Up with Lauren Conrad

Many know Lauren Conrad as the beautiful “L.C.” of Laguna Beach and The Hills, two reality MTV shows following Conrad’s day-to-day life. Since leaving the show in May of 2009, Conrad has found success as an author, designer, and blogger. Conrad’s blog has an amazing range of DIY at-home tips, beauty regimens, and even a virtual book club. You can check out everything she has to offer at

Today, we’re sharing one of Conrad’s blogs with you; it’s a part of her Bikini Series Workout. Conrad partnered up with Tone It Up! to get her followers ready for the summer.

Karena and Katrina, two Tone It Up! personal trainers, lead a great in-sun workout to shed fat and boost metabolism.

The workout includes…

The Koala Curl

  • Start in a warrior lunge position
  • Keep your elbows at your sides
  • Extend your free weights all the way down while extending your lunge
  • Come back up with your weights while straightening your front leg

Bottoms Up

  • Hold your weights with your arms straight down
  • Bend at your hips and let your weights roll down your legs
  • When you come back up, raise your weights right in front of you to your shoulder

ST Kilda

  • With or without your weights, lay on your back with bent knees
  • Lift into a bridge while extending your arms straight up
  • Sit up and punch to one side, alternating which side each time

Kangaroo Jacks

  • Start in a plank position
  • Jump out to make a V with your legs, and then back in
  • Alternate bending each knee towards your elbow

Hug Your Mate

  • Start in a side-plank position
  • Extend your arm straight up
  • Swing it down to almost hug yourself, and bring it back up

You can see the full workout regimen, as well as links to other, similar exercises here.

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