We all know that going to the doctor can sometimes be a pain. Scheduling an appointment for the right time of day, waiting for what feels like hours, and then having a doctor telling you the news of what’s wrong. It’s a lot to handle, and it can feel like a drag. Everyone needs to go to the doctor at some point, but there is a specific time of year, week and day to go to the doctor to help you have a smoother experience at the doctor’s office.


The Summer season is the best time of year to get a doctor’s appointment. This is because during the summer people aren’t getting sick as often. Kids aren’t at school, and people have time off to relax. This means that doctors aren’t as swamped with appointments. For this reason, if you have yet to schedule your yearly physical, or are in need of an imaging procedure, do it in the summer. Once the fall comes around, so does the flu season. Also, the winter time is always busy with the holiday season, getting kids back into the swing of school, and snowy weather doesn’t make it easier to get in your car and drive to the doctor. Don’t even get us started on spring time. The spring is allergy season which means that doctors are swamped with appointments. Summertime is perfect for scheduling an appointment with your doctor.


During the week it’s not as easy to get an ideal appointment as it is to pick which season you go. Trying to schedule an appointment during your work week is hard enough, with the uncertainty of your work load, and the doubts about how long an appointment will take it could be nearly impossible. Doctor’s say to save on time, never schedule an appointment on a Tuesday because it tends to be the busiest day. Also, Monday is very busy as well, some people need a doctor for the shenanigans the weekend brought. The most ideal time of the week to go to a doctor’s appointment is Wednesday and Thursday. However, a lot of doctors say that Mondays have the most cancellations, which can be good news for someone who wants an appointment earlier in the week.


Navigating what time of day is best for an appointment is also crucial for getting in and out of an appointment. The most booked appointment times are 10 AM and 2 PM, during the day. Getting an appointment first thing in the morning may be the best time of day, since most people don’t enjoy getting up early.


Getting a doctor’s appointment, no matter what the circumstances, is necessary for overall health. If you do need an appointment at the times that aren’t convenient for you or the doctor’s office, make sure to schedule early in advance. If it’s an more urgent try a walk in clinic, or see if your physician has walk in hours available.