The 5 Most Commonly Broken Bones

Between playing sports, enjoying outdoor activities, or just being a little more clumsy than the average person, broken bones are unavoidable. With 206 bones in the human body, the odds are most people will break at least one during their lifetime. Not all bones break the same and some are more likely to break than others because of factors such as bone size and the area it’s located. When a bone is put under extra stress, sometimes it can break. Below, we’ll discuss 5 of the most frequently broken bones in the human body. 

What are the five most commonly broken bones?


The collarbone, also referred to as the clavicle, is the most commonly broken bone in the human body. This is due in large part to where it’s located—between the shoulder and the rib—and how it acts as the connector for the arm to the rest of the body. The collarbone is a large bone and prone to breaks, especially during sports or in accidents such as car accidents.


Most people know at least one person who has broken their arm. Arms are broken very often, especially among kids and young people who are active in sports and activities. Arm breaks are common in both the upper and lower arm.


In addition to arms and collarbones, wrists are also very prone to breaking. This is mostly as a result of activities or sports where falling is common. Most people attempt to break their falls with their hands, which can put extra stress onto the wrists, causing them to fracture. Many people do not seek treatment for broken wrists, which can cause the break to heal improperly and impede future wrist function.


Hips are another commonly broken bone, found frequently among older people over the age of 65. Seniors are at an increased risk for osteoporosis and bone loss, which makes them more prone to breaks and fractures.


Ankle rolls and breaks are another common injury in sports and outdoor activities such as soccer, football, basketball, hiking, running, etc. Doctors often see breaks in one bone or multiple bones in the ankle and foot, as there are many bones concentrated in one area.

If you experience a broken bone, you will likely need an X-ray to properly assess the severity of the fracture and the type of fracture. If you need an X-ray in Manhattan, put your trust in the board-certified radiologists at Rosetta Radiology.

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