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  • Ways to cool off in the summer heat

5 ways to cool off in the summer heat

New York in the summer can be both the greatest city in the world, and the most grueling place on Earth. This summer, especially, has been quite steamier than most with high temperatures soaring to the upper 90s. New Yorkers need sweet relief and we have it for you, use these tips when venturing outdoors for the rest of the summer season. 

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  • The best time to see doctor

When’s the best time to go see the doctor?

We all know that going to the doctor can sometimes be a pain. Scheduling an appointment for the right time of day, waiting for what feels like hours, and then having a doctor telling you the news of what’s wrong. It’s a lot to handle, and it can feel like a drag. Everyone needs to go to the doctor at some point, but there is a specific time of year, week and day to go to the doctor to help you have a smoother experience at the doctor’s office.

Hitting the “Hump Day” of Summer

We’re about halfway through the summer season now, and Rosetta wants you to keep enjoying it as best you can. Thanks to this NY Times Article, we’ve helped compile a list of exciting, affordable things to do all over NYC this summer.

Take advantage of all the culture that Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens have to offer. A lot of events or free or simply ask for a donation.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day (which, this year, is on Monday, September 2nd), there are countless events throughout the city.

Some activities […]

Advocating Early Swim Lessons

Children as young as 1-year-old are learning how to swim at local Y branches. But why? They can’t possibly be ready.

On the contrary, “you’re never too young to learn how to swim.”

Just look at this adorable little girl who’s doing great at such a young age, and she realizes, “When you get tired, you float.”

Local YMCAs are hosting free swimming lessons to children. The program, “Project Guard: Make a Splash,” is run by Dr. Angela Beale of Adelphi University.

Knowing how to swim is not only fun, but it’s safe.

Two children of Central Islip lost their lives on April 14 because […]