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Black Friday: A Day for Couch Surfing & Shopping

There are two types of people that emerge on Black Friday. The first one was up and at the stores by 1 a.m., pushing and shoving, reveling in the competitive and oftentimes not particularly rewarding shopping madness. They’ll spend five to ten hours standing in lines, crowding into dressing rooms, and squabbling with other shoppers just to get that one perfect discounted item, and they won’t regret a second of it!

black friday a day for couch surfing and shopping

The second type […]

Shop for Your Health

A six-year Dutch study suggests that retail therapy might actually improve your life. There are different types of materialism, and different reasons for shopping, each of which are relative to certain levels of loneliness one may experience.

Materialism can (most often) mean “someone that lavishly overspends and is overly devoted to shopping,” but it can also mean a simple appreciation for material goods. Not a lot of research has been done on the topic because of this differentiation.

However, Rik Pieters of Tilburg University in the Netherlands collected interviews from more than 2,500 consumers over six years, concluding that “loneliness can foster […]