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5 Strangely Funny X-Ray Images

As one of the most common bone diagnostic imaging scans, an x-ray is simply a form of radiation which uses electromagnetic waves to create pictures of the inside of your body. While it is most commonly used to determine a broken bone, in these six instances radiologists found more than bones. These six x-ray images, show radiology humor and are only considered to be that because of the strange items that ended up inside of people.

Patient Reviews: We Love ‘Em!

In the medical field, success is dependent not only on the work you do, but also on what people are saying about you. At Rosetta Radiology, we understand that patient experience matters, that making sure our customers not only receive quality care at an affordable price, but that they also leave our center smiling and wanting to come back. Patient reviews are very important to us, because they help show us whether or not we’re having a positive impact on the experiences and lives of our patients.  We’ve been blessed with some amazing patients who have taken the time […]