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The 3 Radiology Services Offered At Rosetta Radiology

As a full-service radiology center, reliability and accessibility mean a lot to us. So much so, that we offer 3 different branches of care to meet all of our patient’s radiology needs including Diagnostic Imaging, Women’s Imaging, and Radiation Oncology.

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Radiographer vs Radiologist: What’s the Difference?

It takes an entire team to scan, analyze, and interpret an imaging scan. The process could not be complete without every person who is involved. Two of the most important roles in the imaging process are the radiologist and the radiographer. If you are not familiar with the radiology field, it can be easy to confuse them. In this article, we are discussing the main distinctions between the job of a radiographer and radiologist.

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What Is A CT Colonography?

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that women and men undergo screening for colon cancer or polyps beginning at age 45. Colorectal cancer screening makes it possible to earlier detect abnormalities in the colon or rectum and remove them, usually with just surgery, before they progress or spread to other parts of the body, which could require treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. CT Colonography is an innovative, less-invasive method of screening that allows a radiologist to see within the colon with images from an x-ray machine.

What is a CT Colonography?

A computed tomography (CT) scan produces images […]

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