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Sources of Radiation Exposure That Are More Common Than You’d Think

Here at Rosetta Radiology, we understand the apprehension that surrounds medical procedures that use ionizing radiation. After major fallouts in the past hundred years, some fear still lingers around the topic. But did you know we’re already exposed to radiation everyday? In small amounts, it’s just a part of life! 


Under the right conditions while properly monitored, radiation is a medical wonder that can help diagnose hidden illnesses and even beat cancer. Let’s take a look at some common sources of daily radiation exposure and compare them to a few […]

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How Many X-rays Are Safe In A Year?

X-rays are a valuable method of diagnosing or identifying issues as a result of injury or illness. However, these imaging scans expose people to a small dose of ionizing radiation. While this small amount of exposure is safe once in a while, prolonged subjection to ionizing radiation can cause health problems. For many, this raises questions about the dangers of having multiple X-ray procedures. Below, we will discuss how many X-rays are safe to have in one year. 

What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a form of radiant energy that produces […]

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