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  • Holidays in NYC

holiday festivities In Manhattan: 8 Festive Things To Do

The holiday season is officially upon us! December is extra special in New York City. The city is known for celebrating the most festive season of the year in the best way possible. Whether you're visiting or a local resident, we have compiled a list of fun and festive things to do in NYC during the holiday season from your Rosetta Radiology team.

  • Frequently Asked MRI Questions

Frequently Asked MRI Questions

It's normal to get nervous or confused when a doctor recommends an MRI scan. We understand they can seem foreign to many, so we took the time to answer the most common MRI questions. We hope these will answer your questions and give you a peace of mind before your scan. 

Changes for Dense Breasts

Most women know that mammography is the go-to test for breast cancer screenings. However, most women don’t know that dense breasts can diminish mammography sensitivity up to 20%. What happens is the dense breast can obscure cancer during the imaging.

Several states have adopted a new law that requires doctors to notify their patients in writing when they have dense breases, which is a sign to get further testing either as an ultrasound or MRI.

However, about 50% of women undergoing screening have sense breasts. Should the state really be required to send out two million letters a year, and can the […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Work Experience


“Living in the grey means that you embrace the idea that you should strive for fulfillment in your career by uniting personal passions with professional pursuits and valuing social engagement in your workplace,” says Munczinski.

The movement has a huge following, including celebrities like Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and model, Lauren Bush Lauren.

But why make an effort to combine your social and professional life?

Research actually shows that feeling fulfilled in the workplace leads to higher engagement and retention at that job.


Are You a Pregnant New Yorker?

url The Pregnant New Yorker is hosting an even on Thursday, September 19th that might interest you.

For $20 now (or $25 at the door), you can have all your question answered:

  • Nursing
  • Rehab the Pelvic Floor
  • What to Avoid During Pregnancy

We all know a new addition to the family is an exciting time, but it can also cause a lot of stress. The event will offer tips on how to keep your finances in check while you prepare for your little bundle.

Still stressed? How about dancing? Get on your feet and move! These fun tips will keep […]

Making Strides was a Success

We are proud to have been a part of the American Cancer Society’s Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. The event was held on October 21, 2012 in Central Park, Manhattan. With our team name, Rosetta Rads, we are radical in our belief that a cure for Breast Cancer is coming and that early detection equals positive outcomes. This year, we had hopes of raising $2500. Thanks to all of our supporters we raised over $2,700. This helped the American Cancer Society raise over $2.9 million. We couldn’t be more proud of all our supporters and staff who participated […]

Latest Breast Cancer Discovery: Four New Classifications

On Sunday, it was reported by a group of scientists who just completed an analysis of breast cancer genetics, that they could classify breast cancer into four major new classes.  Scientists hope that this will lead to even more effective treatments.  Some of the findings also hinted that one of the classifications may be more susceptible to a drug that they use to fight ovarian cancer.
The study was published by the journal Nature and focuses on the biological details of tumors, whereas, in the past they focus on where the cancer arises.  The scientists are hoping that this study helps […]

New Study

Rosetta Radiology highlights a new radiation oncology technique designed to benefit patients with breast cancer. As an advanced diagnostic imaging center specializing in radiation oncology treatments, Rosetta Radiology is at the forefront of technology and care. Today, we are highlighting a new study that was recently performed by Dr. Silvia Formenti, the chairwoman of the department of radiation oncology and associate director at the New York University Cancer Institute.
This new study treats breast cancer patients who usually receive radiation therapy while placed in a supine (face-up) position; a more comfortable position that excludes the benefits that the prone (face-down) […]

Featured in Imaging Economics

Featured in Imaging Economics, Rosetta Radiology offeres an afforadable and comfortable mammogram. Check out the article!