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  • Frequently Asked MRI Questions

Frequently Asked MRI Questions

It's normal to get nervous or confused when a doctor recommends an MRI scan. We understand they can seem foreign to many, so we took the time to answer the most common MRI questions. We hope these will answer your questions and give you a peace of mind before your scan. 

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Latest Breast Cancer Discovery: Four New Classifications

On Sunday, it was reported by a group of scientists who just completed an analysis of breast cancer genetics, that they could classify breast cancer into four major new classes.  Scientists hope that this will lead to even more effective treatments.  Some of the findings also hinted that one of the classifications may be more susceptible to a drug that they use to fight ovarian cancer.
The study was published by the journal Nature and focuses on the biological details of tumors, whereas, in the past they focus on where the cancer arises.  The scientists are hoping that this study helps […]

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Featured in Imaging Economics

Featured in Imaging Economics, Rosetta Radiology offeres an afforadable and comfortable mammogram. Check out the article!

Spotlight: Dr. Albert Levy Primary Care New York

Rosetta Radiology is pleased to recognize Dr. Albert Levy this month as one of the most influential physicians in our medical community. 

 Dr. Albert Levy has established himself in the Manhattan area as an exceptional physician of primary care for over 35 years. Certified by the American Board of Family Practice, Levy has proved himself to be a leader in healthcare as he consistently ranks in the Top Doctors in New York and the USA profiles and has been featured in Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who in the World. As a fellow and member of […]

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New York Bill Promotes Early Detection for Breast Cancer

In Albany, New York, the state legislature has approved a bill that could help detect early stages of breast cancer in women. By passing this bill, the hope is that women in the state of New York will be alerted earlier of any signs of dense breast tissue during a monogram, which will immediately lead them to any additional diagnostic imaging scans that would be needed to ensure women’s breast health. If the bill is passed, it would require physicians to suggest women with dense breast tissue to seek additional scanning to rule out the possibility of undetected tumors.
Dense breast […]

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