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  • Meet Our Newest Imaging Service MR Arthrograms

Meet Our Newest Imaging Service: MR Arthrograms

There are various imaging tools used by radiologists to help provide answers to their patients’ medical questions and concerns. At Rosetta Radiology, we provide the best services for our patients including women’s imaging and radiation oncology.  One of our newest diagnostic imaging services is MR arthrography.

  • 7 Things Patients Should Know About Radiologists

7 Things Patients Should Know About Radiologists

Doctors play an important role in taking care of their patients. Radiologists specifically are vital to providing answers to serious questions about various health concerns patients may have. At Rosetta Radiology, our radiologists are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the best care and leave our center with better knowledge about any ailments they may have. While many people may understand the important role radiologists play, here are a few things you should know about what radiologists really do. 

  • How each diagnostic varies in price

How Each Diagnostic Imaging Scan Varies in Price

It can be confusing sorting through all of the information surrounding various diagnostic imaging scans. Learning what the tests are, how they are performed, and what their function is can be a dizzying experience, let alone trying to figure out a fair price for each scan. Thankfully, there is a rhyme and reason to the pricing of these scans. The sophistication of the test and the area where it is used will usually determine the cost. We are here to inform you about how you can determine a fair price and why they vary.

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  • A surgeon's testimony

“What I See…”: A Surgeon’s Testimony

When we stumbled upon this article submitted to the Huffington Post by cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Nikki Stamp, we were touched and it was too good not to share.

As medical imaging professionals, we see patients when they’re most vulnerable. We see them when they’re scared, we see them when they’re relieved, we see them with their loved ones and we see them facing their fears alone. We see them receive good news, and we see them receive bad news. But each and every day, we see them. We see them, and we are amazed by them.

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  • Vocab Of The Day: Hysterosalpingogram

Vocab Of The Day: Hysterosalpingogram

If it just took you 5 times to read that word correctly, you're not alone. Under our diagnostic imaging section, you'll see that "hysterosalpingogram" is a specialty procedure that we offer. Sounds super fancy, right?

  • Medical Imaging and Radiation

Medical Imaging And The Effects Of Radiation

Having to undergo a diagnostic imaging scan can pose various questions. We are here to provide the answers to all our patients concerns to help them feel comfortable before their procedure and aware of the scan they are undergoing.

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