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MRIs Now Distinguish Between Renal Cancers

A new MRI technique, called “chemical shift,” can help identify the smallest presence of fat. The presence of fat helps differentiate between clear cell renal cell carcinoma and other types of renal cancer. Renal cell carcinoma, or hypernephroma, originates in the proximal convoluted tubule lining. It is the most common kidney cancer (about 80% of cases), and also the most lethal of all genitourinary tumors (genital and urinary-related).

This cancer has the greatest potential to metastasize, which is what makes it so lethal. The five-year survival rate is 60-70% before metastases have spread.

Dr. Azadeh Elmi from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston […]

A Big Step in Understanding Parkinson’s

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital paired up to research just what happens to the brain during Parkinson’s disease. What they found could lead to better treatment and further research. Tremors, stiffness, and weakness are known as the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and there’s no denying how awful this experience can be. However, research never allowed us to see into the brain to understand why these things happened. We just knew that they did.

The researches took four MRI scans, all on the same machine but with different settings, to create one combined image. This image could dive […]