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  • complications of high blood pressure you should be aware of

Complications Of High Blood Pressure You Should Be Aware Of

Complications of high blood pressure can present themselves in a variety of serious conditions that can put your life at risk. That is why it is so important to keep track of your blood pressure, know the factors that could be putting you at risk, and the complications that may arise should your blood pressure remain high.. Here are a few of those complications.

  • Beet Juice The Best Pre-Workout Drink

Beet Juice: The Best Pre-Workout Drink?

Many know beets for being a loved or hated vegetable, and the health benefits that they harbor are no secret.  While this root offers various benefits whether it's consumed fresh or juiced, a new study has shown the benefits beetroot juice can have on your brain when consumed prior to exercise.

  • This Ingredient Could Be The Reason For Sleepless Nights

This Ingredient Could Be The Reason For Sleepless Nights

Salt has been known as a sneak ingredient that potentially can affect your health. A new study has shown that people who suffer from nocturia often consume too much salt. While this research suggests that eating too much salt before bed can affect your sleep, there is more to the study than what meets the eye.

Not a Runner? Walking is Just as Effective

…For battling heart disease. HealthDay News recently released an article, accompanied by a video, explaining that a brisk walk can help your health just as any run.

They found that it’s distance, not time or speed, which helps your heart. However, running can allow you to cover double the distance in the same amount of time, a daily walk can still be beneficial. Remember though, a brisk walk is not a leisurely stroll; it’s walking for exercise.

So maybe you’ve never been all […]