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Hospital Vs. Outpatient Facility

Choosing where to get a diagnostic imaging scan can be a complicated decision full of questions.  What type of scan do I need? How much will my scan cost? These initial questions may lead you to wonder where you should get your diagnostic imaging scan: either a hospital or an outpatient imaging center. While quality care is often the first consideration when making this decision, outpatient facilities usually offer both quality care and affordability over a hospital for diagnostic imaging procedures.

  • Doctor Shopping From A Doctors Perspective

Doctor Shopping: From A Doctor’s Perspective

Doctor shopping is crucial in a healthcare world that is in the midst of rising costs. Not only is price a factor when doctor shopping, but finding a qualified doctor that accepts your insurance can be time consuming and draining.

Drafting A Health Care Provider

Football season is finally upon us, but it’s likely that at this point you’ve probably had enough drafting drama to last for a lifetime. Drafting a killer fantasy team isn’t easy, and drafting a killer league in all four of your fantasy leagues? Even less likely. Most of us will be lucky to come out with one or two mediocre teams, and will be even luckier if those players make it to the regular season with a season-ending injury (we’re looking at you, Jordy Nelson).

The best thing you can do to make sure your fantasy team is as great as […]

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Health Care & Social Media

It’s impossible to argue that social media has had a huge impact on how doctors, patients, and physicians feel about and interact with the health care industry today. We see it all the time at work. Attitudes are changing, processes are changing, and it’s all we can do to manage to keep up.

We’ve done a lot of researching, and we’ve found that now more than ever patients are using social media as a critical tool in the health care process. Check out some of these statistics.

health care and social media