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Facts You Didn’t Know About X-Rays

When people think of X-rays, they initially think about bones. But when you take a closer look into this diagnostic imaging scan, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that takes internal images of the body by using a broad range of wavelength frequencies. Here’s some facts you probably didn’t know about x-rays that might even surprise you.

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How Well Do You Know Your Bones: 5 Interesting Facts About Bones

What do bones do? What are bones? If you were to ask someone these questions you would probably get responses like “bones support the body” and “the strong white things that have calcium".

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Healthy Holiday Eating

Have you been working hard to look good in those winter leggings and ugly Christmas sweaters? Don’t give up just because holiday cookie recipes have flooded the Internet. Don’t let the holiday-weight-anxiety ruin this amazing time. With a few simple steps, thanks to The Blood Sugar Solution Program, you can take the healthy road.


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Did You Know?

Did you know that women speak about 7,000 words in a day, while men usually hover around 2,000? is full of amazing fun facts about the body, and we’re excited to share them with you this week. For example, did you know that the brain only accounts for 2% of the body’s total weight, but it uses about 20% of our energy?

A cough forces air out of your body at about 60mph, and a sneeze can reach speeds of 100mph! Woah!

While standing still, your body is still […]

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