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Healthy Holiday Eating

Have you been working hard to look good in those winter leggings and ugly Christmas sweaters? Don’t give up just because holiday cookie recipes have flooded the Internet. Don’t let the holiday-weight-anxiety ruin this amazing time. With a few simple steps, thanks to The Blood Sugar Solution Program, you can take the healthy road.


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Minimizing Processed Foods

Eat Local Grown has come up with a 100-Day Pledge to eat “Real Food,” meaning no preservatives or extra hormones or any of that. However,  a lot of people struggle with cutting out so many foods cold turkey, so they now offer the same idea in a 14-week program.

It’s a great thing to try to keep yourself healthy, and even if you struggle to stick to the program, “these pledges will get you to start reading ingredient labels,” which is a great habit to get into!