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  • We can see that pain in your brain

We Can See That Pain in Your Brain!

Tor Wagner from the University of Colorado at Boulder took the lead on a study to try and see how the brain processes brain. By using an fMRI scan and painfully hot temperatures, the old ways of measuring pain have been proven insufficient. Usually, pain is recorded on a self-report basis on a 1-10 scale. There’s no way to know if pain is being exaggerated or underplayed by the patient.

MRIs Changing the Face of Medicine

With so much of the brain being a mystery, it’s a wonder how many doors the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) process as opened. The pictures measure brain activity by measuring the blood flow and any changes that may occur. Thanks to this technology, we can better understand thought, the connection between brain and mind, as well as investigating psychological abnormalities.

To read more about the effectiveness and history of MRI machines, check out the blog from Medical News Today.


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