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  • Coffee Healthier Than You May Think

Coffee: Healthier Than You May Think

With New Yorkers are known for drinking more coffee than other Americans, our Upper East Side office is no stranger to a cup of coffee.  Whether or not this beverage is bad for you have been disputed for years and the answer has been unknown until now. We are here to set the record straight on our favorite caffeinated beverage.

  • Beet Juice The Best Pre-Workout Drink

Beet Juice: The Best Pre-Workout Drink?

Many know beets for being a loved or hated vegetable, and the health benefits that they harbor are no secret.  While this root offers various benefits whether it's consumed fresh or juiced, a new study has shown the benefits beetroot juice can have on your brain when consumed prior to exercise.

  • Chocolate and Its Health Benefits

Chocolate And Its Health Benefits

Chocolate is an indulgent food, but it also offers surprising health benefits.  Dark chocolate is packed with various health benefits and are proven to release endorphins into your brain. So grab a bar of your favorite dark chocolate and learn about how this decadent treat can make you healthier.