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  • Why One Patient Choose Rosetta Radiology and You Should Do

Why One Patient Chose Rosetta Radiology and You Should Too

After a fall, Mrs. Spendsalot needed a chest MRI but was unsure of where to go and if she could afford the procedure through her doctor. With prices for her procedure starting in the thousands, she knew she would be unable to afford this procedure. 

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  • Frequently Asked MRI Questions

Frequently Asked MRI Questions

It's normal to get nervous or confused when a doctor recommends an MRI scan. We understand they can seem foreign to many, so we took the time to answer the most common MRI questions. We hope these will answer your questions and give you a peace of mind before your scan. 

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  • Migraines The How And Why

Migraines: The How and Why?

Are you one of the 300 million people that suffer from intense, throbbing headaches? Do they make you nauseated, sick, or sensitive to light? Unfortunately, migraines cannot be cured with painkillers or a few deep breaths. If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, here’s more information about what causes them, what research is being done to understand them, and how to treat them.

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Procedure? Problem. Parking? No Problem!

MC-thumb3While I would expect parking to be cheaper than an electrocardiogram, I would also expect the hospital staff to be familiar with both prices. It’s no surprise that hospitals are often tight lipped when discussing procedure prices, and there are plenty of excuses one could offer for these muffled answers.

“Just like you can’t call a contractor on the phone and ask ‘how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?’ Maybe it would be unreasonable to expect a price quote on the phone for ‘remodeling’ your hip as well.”

That’s where Rosenthal study suffered. […]

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Turning Health Care Convenience OR Price into Convenience AND Price

Which would you rather have in your health care: convenience or low cost? Oftentimes, when choosing one, the other is sacrificed. Hospital radiology departments can generate a lot of traffic for the perceived convenience of location and as a one-stop shop for medical care. However, there is no shortage of articles that will tell you that diagnostic imaging is more expensive at a hospital than the same services cost at a freestanding imaging center.

Even insurance companies find independent imaging centers to be more cost-friendly. As this article points out, Humana Insurance told its customers “the average national cost for […]

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Healthy Ways to Keep Things Interesting

Everyone knows the mundane rules of health: fruits, vegetables, exercise, sleep, and regular doctors visits. We trust that you know your own body well enough to know when to come in for a screening, and when to talk to your doctor. But here are some ways to stay healthy that you can do every day, things that we don’t think receive enough credit for what they do to keep you strong.

Thank you to Everest for this daily infographic.



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Spotted: Brain “Clean-Up Crew”

While most biological systems use the lymphatic system to remove waste, the central nervous system uses something called the glymphatic system, which “cleans the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that surround the brain and spinal cord and relies on specialized CNS support cells known as glia.” Helene Benveniste at Stony Brook University used a fluorescent tracer in rats, and tracked it with an MRI scan. This study has identified “two key influx nodes” in the brain. The team was able to measure the rate at which the glymphatic system removed the fluorescent […]

Dr. David Sherr Makes Castle Connolly Top Doctor

We are pleased to share that our own David Sherr is now considered one of Castle Connolly’s top Radiation Oncology doctors. This is truly an honor, as Castle Connolly only honors the best in cancer within their database: America’s Top Doctors' for Cancer.

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MRIs Can Help Detect Bone Abnormality

MRIs are helpful for detecting early stages of numerous diseases, or abnormalities. In a recently published article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, it appears that MRIs can be more effective than standard bone testing in detecting bone abnormalities in patients with multiple myeloma.
Multiple myeloma is cancer of the blood that affects the plasma cells, which are important to the immune system helping produce antibodies. Characterized by excess production of abnormal plasma cells; symptoms include increased risk of bacterial infections and impaired immune responses. This also affects the bone, diagnosed patients will experience low bone density, cancerous cells surrounding bone, […]

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