Why You Should Start Off 2017 With A Juice Cleanse

A New Year signifies a new beginning for those looking to improve their health regime.  While getting on the right track can be a daunting task, a juice cleanse may be the perfect way for you to start off 2017.

So, what exactly is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a detox diet that allows a person to consume nutrient rich juices only for a period of time and allowing the body’s digestive system a break.  Detoxing diets can last a day up to a few weeks, depending on the person and the goal of the cleanse.  Simply by drinking the juices in the juice cleanse program you’re following, staying hydrated, and not eating solid foods, you are taking part in a juice detox.

What are the benefits to doing a Juice Cleanse?

Taking the time to detox your body may be what you need to reach your health goals in 2017.  Whether you’re dependent on caffeine, constantly giving in to your cravings, or feeling bloated and sluggish, a juice cleanse will help reset your body.  Simply by removing toxins from the body and allowing your digestive system a break processing solid foods, you can be able to start off the New Year on a healthy note.

Now start cleansing!

Once you start your cleanse, you will drink 6-8 juices a day about 2-2.5 hours between each other. Prior to your cleanse, cleanse your body by eating whole foods and avoiding dairy, meats and poultry, and refined starches.  Make sure to listen to your body by resting and staying hydrated to your cleanse.  Consult with your doctor with any concerns or questions about your juice cleanse. After your detox, ease your body back on to solid foods and begin your healthy lifestyle!

A juice cleanse is the perfect way to start off 2017 on a healthy note.  We hope you achieve all of your health goals for the New Year.

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