Staff Member of the Month: Sharon Graham!

Though it is one of the biggest cities in the world, New York City can sometimes be a very lonely place. Loneliness disappears though upon walking through the doors of Rosetta Radiology and seeing the friendly smile of Sharon Graham.
Sharon has been the Practice Manager at Rosetta Radiology for 10 years now, and often serves as the staff backbone. Amidst the craziness, Sharon possesses the unique ability to run the practice with ease and lead her team despite daily trials and tribulations. Whenever a problem arises, Sharon is the go to girl; serving as the voice of reason and giving positive advice to anyone who needs help.
Not only is she a great and trustworthy leader, but Sharon also manages to tackle a myriad of extraneous tasks such as finances, communicating with patients and fostering Rosetta Radiology’s relationships with referring physicians on the Upper East Side.  Sharon has won the hearts of patients with her charm, compassion and the ever present smile on her face.
We at Rosetta are so lucky to have such a talented and inspiring woman as part of our team. Next time you’re in the office, make sure you congratulate Sharon for the great work she does and for being our Staff Member of the Month!

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