Spotlight: The Gelb Center

Dr. David Klein is a chiropractor with The Gelb Center, located at 635 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor (between 59th and 60th) in New York, NY, and we want to shine a spotlight on him this week for all the great work he does.

The Gelb Center offers phenomenal treatments for TMJ, sleep apnea and disorders, and chronic headache treatments.

While they focus on the jaw, neck, and mouth area, they integrate medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, nutrition, and pain management to help with treatments and help their patients feel the best they possibly can.

Chiropractic treatments can work for TMJ and headaches (both tension and migraines).

The Gelb Center website is thorough and extensive because of all the help they can offer. You can browse it, or give the office a call at (212) 752-1662.

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