The first baby born on a new year is always the talk of the town. Well in 2009, Dr. Finkelstein delivered the first baby in New York City! However, that’s not all that Dr. Finkelstein is known for.
Dr. Finkelstein is an OBGYN Specialist on the Upper East Side and Brooklyn, with his practice located at 950 Park AVE in Manhattan. His patients receiving regular obstetric and gynecological care rave about his kindness and respect during their consults and examinations.

His other specialties range from fibroids to urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. He does what he can to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle for all of his patients.

The New York Senate awarded Dr. Finkelstein the Humanitarian Service Award. He also received the Unsung Hero Award for medical work he performed in Haiti.

So, you can trust Dr. Finkelstein with all your obstetric and gynecological needs! Call their office (212-472-8200) to schedule an appointment.