Spotlight: Dr. Albert Levy Primary Care New York

Rosetta Radiology is pleased to recognize Dr. Albert Levy this month as one of the most influential physicians in our medical community. 

 Dr. Albert Levy has established himself in the Manhattan area as an exceptional physician of primary care for over 35 years. Certified by the American Board of Family Practice, Levy has proved himself to be a leader in healthcare as he consistently ranks in the Top Doctors in New York and the USA profiles and has been featured in Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who in the World. As a fellow and member of a variety of societies and associations as well as having teaching privileges at a number of New York universities, Levy is able to spread is experience and knowledge of medicine.

Dr. Levy can be found at Manhattan Family Practice, which he established in 1986. Manhattan Family Practice offers primary care services such as physicals, GYN exams, general illness and diagnostic visits, vaccinations and immigration medical exams. Speaking four different languages; Levy is able to serve a vast array of patients from all stretches of life and tends to all patients’ health and wellbeing. Levy was quoted in Live Well New York saying “As a family physician, I always ask patients if they are happy…physical illness is often connected to emotional well-being.” This approach has proven to be successful as his patient’s satisfaction and practice’s reputation continues to remain nothing short of exceptional.

Take a peek into Dr. Levy’s blog, visit Manhattan Family Practice’s website here and check out the videos and articles that Dr. Levy has been featured in below.

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