“Consumer Website Aims for Price Transparency” and We’re a Part of It!

In today’s world, we believe that the consumer should have the power to demand price transparency from healthcare providers. It’s time to stop accepting the idea that you won’t know how much you’re spending until you’re leaving the hospital. Patients have a right to know how much they’ll be expected to pay for a procedure, they have the right to compare those prices between multiple facilities, and they have the right to pick a facility that offers lower prices. It’s a little thing called price transparency, and it’s causing a stir in the medical world. 

Independent radiology practices have come together and are represented on www.saveonmedical.com, a site that allows patients to search for a specific procedure, compare costs and quality prices at different facilities in their area, book an appointment at their selected center and even pay for that procedure online. 

Healthcare Payer News wrote an article about the site, saying: “Americans can shop online for pizza, hotel reservations and lots of other goods and services, so why not for medical procedures as well?”

Matt Schneider, the vice president of marketing for Atlantic Health Solutions and co-founder of SaveOnMedical.com, is confident that the site will…

  • Help consumers find the best prices
  • Help radiology centers compete
  • Bring more price transparency to regional healthcare markets

Physicians who send their patients to get imaging tests done want to know these imaging centers aren’t ripping off their patients. It makes sense for both the patient and other medical professionals to have a side-by-side comparison of whom they’re working with.

“The company’s initial target population was uninsured patients…” because the price reflects self-pay pricing, but it’s a valid option for anyone looking to shop around, especially if they’re avoiding meeting their deductible.

You can see our Save On Medical page here.

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