Radiation Oncology: What Does An Oncologist Do?

No one is ever really prepared to hear the words “you have cancer”. But, thanks to the advancements in technology, cancer patients have more treatment options available than ever. A highly effective solution commonly used is radiation oncology. One of the specialists that is there to help each cancer patient along the way is a radiation oncologist. Read on to learn more about what radiation oncology is and what an oncologist does throughout the radiation therapy process. 

What is radiation oncology?

Radiation oncology, or radiation therapy, is a medical specialty that involves the use of radiation to treat cancer. This particular cancer treatment is highly effective due to its ability to eliminate cancer cells and reduces tumors with the use of high-level ionizing radiation.

What does an oncologist do?

When it comes to cancer treatment, a radiation oncologist plays an essential role in the entire process. Surprisingly, their specialty involves a variety of responsibilities, including determining the type of treatment, creating a treatment plan, overseeing the radiation therapy treatment, and more. 

Before radiation treatment

When a doctor suggests that a cancer patient needs radiation therapy, the radiation oncologist is the person they call. Once the patient is referred, the oncologist will review their pathology, diagnoses, and prior treatment. From there a radiation oncologist decides whether radiation treatment is appropriate for their needs. If the answer is yes, they will then determine how much radiation therapy is needed and where it should be performed.

Once they have decided, the radiation oncologist and their team go to work to create a radiation therapy plan for the patient. This involves performing a CT scan on the individual to obtain images of their body. Using computer technology, the oncologist will create a plan that highlights the area of the body that needs treatment and should be bypassed. This information is then applied during the actual radiation therapy process.

During radiation treatment

Once the radiation therapy process begins the oncologist helps to support the cancer patient throughout this time period. During this time, they are seeing patients to help manage side effects by suggesting topical radiation creams and more. They also work closely with other specialists such as surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation therapists. 

We hope you understand the significant role that a radiation oncologist plays in the cancer treatment process. Not only do they determine the proper type of treatment and create a plan, but they are highly involved in supporting the cancer patient. That’s why Rosetta Radiology was the country’s first outpatient radiation practice to provide radiation oncology services in a private practice setting. If you are in need of radiation oncology services in Manhattan, schedule an appointment with one of our trusted experts today.

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