Why One Patient Chose Rosetta Radiology and You Should Too

After a fall, Mrs. Spendsalot needed a chest MRI but was unsure of where to go and if she could afford the procedure through her doctor. With prices for her procedure starting in the thousands, she knew she would be unable to afford this procedure. 

Mrs. Spendsalot had insurance, very good insurance, but she also had very good health, and she had not met the deductible on her plan. She knew she needed the test, but could she even afford it? Her son handed her his laptop because she had some research to do.

NewChoiceHealth.com told her:

Hospital for Special Surgery – $2,625

Bellevue Hospital Center – $7,100


A nurse walked in just as Mrs. Spendsalot slammed her laptop closed. “Try local radiology practices instead of big hospitals. Those always come with extra fees.” Mrs. Spendsalot opened up her laptop again to NewChoiceHealth.com.

83rd Street Radiology – $3,100


Mrs. Spendsalot’s son held her hand while she shook her head. The nurse turned the laptop towards herself and typed in SaveOnMedical.com. “Try this,” she said.

By simply typing in her zip code and the procedure she needed, a chest MRI, Mrs. Spendsalot found that Rosetta Radiology could do it for $545, and she wouldn’t even need to go through her insurance. Right there on the page, she saw their impressive quality scores, and locked in the price.

By clicking “Request an appointment,” Mrs. Spendsalot agreed to pay that price, without hidden fees, and could come in for a time that worked for her. She instantly felt relieved and thanked the nurse for her help.

“It’s no problem,” the nurse explained, “SaveOnMedical is usually geared towards our uninsured patients because it offers such a low price for high quality care, but we often offer it to insured patients as well, because it will still end up cheaper sometimes. I’m glad I could help.”

Save On Medical was able to save thousands of dollars on a necessary procedure. At Rosetta Radiology, we guarantee that you’ll receive the best imaging care in Manhattan for affordable prices. Are you in Mrs. Spendsalot’s shoes? Give us a call and book an appointment to get the imaging service you need today!

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