Patient Reviews: We Love ‘Em!

In the medical field, success is dependent not only on the work you do, but also on what people are saying about you. At Rosetta Radiology, we understand that patient experience matters, that making sure our customers not only receive quality care at an affordable price, but that they also leave our center smiling and wanting to come back. Patient reviews are very important to us, because they help show us whether or not we’re having a positive impact on the experiences and lives of our patients.  We’ve been blessed with some amazing patients who have taken the time to share their feedback over the years. Check out what they said!

Martha says: “One of the most professional, and patient oriented medical facilities I have ever used. Getting results immediately is just one of the reasons to love them. It is their accuracy and patient relationship that truly is special. Having worked in health care for many years as well as negotiating the paths of mammograms over the years gives me a good perspective, I believe!”

Karen says: For the last four years I’ve had my mammograms at Rosetta. I’m just leaving and felt compelled to share what an amazing team they have that makes an uncomfortable process a positive one. The facilities are state of the art and the entire staff is caring. What made today super special was the time the doctor spent showing me my images for the last four years to explain how they have remained constant and all is well. What a relief!”

Chelsea says: I’ve gone to Rosetta twice. Both positive experiences. Follow-up was recommended, they did it on the spot and seemed intent on making sure I understood what they saw and when I should return. The vibe is very caring and professional. A mammogram is never fun, but I would recommend this place.”

Jane says:I go here for mammography. I work in healthcare and feel like this office is what breast imaging *should* be like: state-of-the-art equipment, prompt service, and on-the-spot readings. This is key: Your mammogram is read before you leave, so that if a follow-up image is needed, they will do it on the spot. No call-backs, no weeks of anxiety about what statistically is likely to be not an issue. The facility is women-friendly and efficient. I never thought I would actually walk out of a mammogram feeling like it was a great experience, but these guys are excellent. Highly recommended.”

Alicia says:I don’t think I could say enough good things about Rosetta. The doctors, technicians, support staff…all of them equally as kind, competent, understanding and patient as you would ever want them to be. Their technology is definitely state-of-the-art and you feel like you are getting the best care possible. Go here, you will not be sorry!”

Thanks guys! We’re so grateful for the kind words and support. We love knowing that we’ve been able to positively impact the lives of our patients. If you’ve have a memorable experience while visiting our center, whether good or bad, please don’t hesitate to write a review or let us know about it! We’re always looking for affirmation and for ways to improve.

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