Thankful: For You & So Much More!

As I’m sure you know at this point, we love Thanksgiving. We love the cool air outside, we love gathering with family and friends, we love stuffing our faces with delicious food, we love the football games, and we love having a chance to remind ourselves what we’re thankful for. This month we’ve really been preaching gratitude, since we know that being a grateful person and having a positive mindset actually comes with a number of health benefits.

Here at Rosetta Radiology, we have a lot of things to be thankful for! As Thanksgiving draws closer, we’ve taken some time to really think about the good things in our lives, and we wanted to share them with all of you!

We are thankful for our amazing staff. We have such a group of talented individuals, and they’re all full of so much personality! It’s never a boring day in the office, and it makes it easier to head to work in the morning.

We are thankful for our new machine. Christmas is still a month away, but for us Christmas came early this year! We’re so excited about the arrival of our new PET/CT scanner, and can’t wait to offer our patients these additional services!

We are thankful for our referring physicians, doctors, and radiologists. They play such an important role in the work that we do here. We’re grateful for their knowledge, for their years of experience, and for the time they’ve devoted to serving our patients.

We are thankful for electricity. It’s one of those things people really take for granted, but imagine where we’d be without it!

We are thankful for our patients. Without you guys we wouldn’t have jobs! Seriously. Patients are such an important part of what we do here. You make it possible for us to come to work every day and work towards our mission of using medical technology to improve the lives of others. We’re thankful for the feedback you’ve given us, for the laughs we’ve shared, for the stories we’ve heard, and for the relationships we’ve been able to build with each and every one of you.

Some of these may seem generic, but there’s so much out there to be thankful for! Sometimes the smallest things (like toilets that flush) can make a huge impact in the quality of our lives. We want everyone to take a moment and think of what they’re thankful for, because life is short and it’s important to appreciate every moment. 

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