New York Bill Promotes Early Detection for Breast Cancer

In Albany, New York, the state legislature has approved a bill that could help detect early stages of breast cancer in women. By passing this bill, the hope is that women in the state of New York will be alerted earlier of any signs of dense breast tissue during a monogram, which will immediately lead them to any additional diagnostic imaging scans that would be needed to ensure women’s breast health. If the bill is passed, it would require physicians to suggest women with dense breast tissue to seek additional scanning to rule out the possibility of undetected tumors.
Dense breast tissue is a condition, which makes it difficult for doctors to detect breast cancer. This is because dense breast tissue is considered less fat and more connective tissue, causing white ‘masses’ to appear on a scan, making it more difficult for radiologist to correctly identify potentially questionable areas. These masses are commonly overlooked by doctors who assume the masses are not a true concern, but this can be hazardous in many situations. This could be a problem in situations where these clouded masses are covering tumors.

Though there have been numerous cases of women being diagnosed with breast cancer just months after receiving a negative mammogram scan, many states are not ready to approve this bill. It has been reported that radiologists in many states including Virginia are against the legislation. Their reason being that it would cause possible unnecessary worry for these women as well as costs for further testing.

Though it is unclear whether the bill will be passed or not, women should take this information and use it to become for powerful patients. There have been countless occasions where women have been told their scans were normal only to find out later that they were not. It is important to be sure that you know and can trust the radiologist reading your mammogram and know that he/she is communicating effectively with you. This is why at Rosetta Radiology, you will see your radiologist each time you have an appointment. Our staff will always be sure that if a scan is yielding potentially dangerous signs, we can accommodate you with additional scanning the same day as your first appointment, so that you don’t have to go home and worry about what could be.

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