New Study

Rosetta Radiology highlights a new radiation oncology technique designed to benefit patients with breast cancer. As an advanced diagnostic imaging center specializing in radiation oncology treatments, Rosetta Radiology is at the forefront of technology and care. Today, we are highlighting a new study that was recently performed by Dr. Silvia Formenti, the chairwoman of the department of radiation oncology and associate director at the New York University Cancer Institute.
This new study treats breast cancer patients who usually receive radiation therapy while placed in a supine (face-up) position; a more comfortable position that excludes the benefits that the prone (face-down) position offers. A patient being in the prone position has been proposed to be linked to less exposure of the lungs, allowing for more precise treatment and eliminating radiation exposure to healthy cells and focusing on the cancer site.

With October approaching it is important to note that these advancements in breast health care are happening everywhere. Today we honor Dr. Silvia for her unique technique and hope it helps improve detection and treatment for women affected by breast cancer.

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