Meet Our Newest Imaging Service: MR Arthrograms

There are various imaging tools used by radiologists to help provide answers to their patients’ medical questions and concerns. At Rosetta Radiology, we provide the best services for our patients including women’s imaging and radiation oncology.  One of our newest diagnostic imaging services is MR arthrography.

Let’s take a closer look into our newest imaging service and why you might need one.

MR Arthrography 101

Magnetic resonance arthrography is an imaging technique used specifically on joints like the shoulder.  MR Arthography is primarily used for diagnoses of the rotator cuff and labral injuries about the shoulders when the technology was first utilized.  Besides the diagnoses of rotator cuff tears, arthrograms are often used to identify abnormal growths or cysts.

Elbows, wrists, hips, shoulders, knees and ankles are just a few of the most popular body parts to undergo an MR arthrogram.  While this imaging scan is one of the newer imaging devices, they have evolved to being used for diagnosing a wide variety of pathologic processes in joints throughout the body.

Research On MR Arthrography

Researchers have investigated the benefits of utilizing MR arthrogrpahy and MRI for unstable labral tears.  The stability of the tear was determined by the difference between an unenhanced MRI and MR arthogram. The study deemed these tools useful for labral tears.

A Look Into The Procedure

An MR arthrography utilizes both CT and MRI technology. The procedure is quick and safe for patients. Like our other diagnostic imaging scans, our MR arthrograms are held to the best quality and performed by our very own Dr. Mike Pinals. At Rosetta Radiology, Dr. Pinals utilizes arthrography specifically when evaluation shoulders, hips, and post-op knees.

If you have any questions about MR arthrograms, feel free to give us a call! Book an appointment with Dr. Pinals today if you are in need of this service.


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