More Patients Are Surviving Cancer

Thankfully, cancer is not the fatal diagnosis it once was. The United States currently has 13.7 million cancer survivors, a number which is expected to increase 31% (18 million survivors) by 2022. Apparently, a lot of the survivors are of the older generation. The American Association for Cancer Research report states, “By 2020, we expect that two-thirds of cancer survivors are going to be aged 65 and older.”

There are also varying differences based on the type of cancer. Breast cancer survivors make up about 22% of all cancer survivors, and prostate cancer survivors, 20%. The AACR is proud to announce a near 100% five-year survival rate for prostate cancer, and an increased five-year survival rate for breast cancer from 75% (a number recorded in 1975) to 89% (in 2012).

However, lung cancer only makes up 3% of survivors, even though it’s the second most commonly diagnosed type of cancer.

The best treatments, paired with early diagnosis, are the key to becoming a survivor. Also, care for those survivors is typically on the backburner. “Beating cancer” is a lifelong battle. Even in remission, there are precautions to be taken.

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To read more on the latest AACR report, click here. 



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