Minimizing Processed Foods

Eat Local Grown has come up with a 100-Day Pledge to eat “Real Food,” meaning no preservatives or extra hormones or any of that. However,  a lot of people struggle with cutting out so many foods cold turkey, so they now offer the same idea in a 14-week program.

It’s a great thing to try to keep yourself healthy, and even if you struggle to stick to the program, “these pledges will get you to start reading ingredient labels,” which is a great habit to get into!

  • Week 1: Have two fruits and/or vegetables with every meal (preferably organic)
  • Week 2: Only have “real” beverages: coffee, tea, water, and milk (naturally sweetened with honey or pure maple syrup, if necessary), and one cup of juice a week, one alcohol drink (preferably red wine) per day (if necessary)
  • Week 3: Only have locally raised meat (within 100-miles) and only 3-4 serving a week. The meat will be served as a side of the meal, not the main course.
  • Week 4: No fast food or deep fried items
  • Week 5: Try two new whole foods this week
  • Week 6: Stay away from food that says: low-fat, lite, light, reduced fat, or nonfat
  • Week 7: All grains must be 100% whole grain
  • Week 8: Stop eating when you feel full (I know, crazy, right?)
  • Week 9: Stay away from foods that contain: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice (You can use natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup)
  • Week 10: Stay away from foods that contain: vegetable oil, organic vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, organic canola oil, margarine, and grape seed oil
  • Week 11: Include 1 locally grown item with every meal
  • Week 12: Give up all sweeteners
  • Week 13: Avoid all artificial foods (sweeteners, flavors, and colors)
  • Week 14: Only have foods with five or less ingredients

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