It’s Our 65th Anniversary!

In 1949, 65 years ago, Dr. Norman Simon and Dr. Sidney Silverstone were pioneers in the radiation oncology community, so they brought their talents to New York City. Those doctors opened Docs on Fifth Avenue. From there, we got the first Cobalt-60 Radiation Therapy unit outside of a hospital in the world in 1953.

With that success, we decided to add on diagnostic facilities and became one of the very few private practice groups to offer a full range of diagnostic modalities and the most modern treatments available.

We took on the name Rosetta some years later to reflect the unique combination of services we offer: radiation oncology, scanning, emission tomography, and tissue acquisition. Also know as a cancer center, ultrasound, mammography, CT, MRI, bone densitometry, PET, and biopsies.

Now we’ve moved from Fifth Avenue to 1421 Third Avenue at 80th Street. We’ve expanded to 4 floors and added new diagnostic testing.

Still one thing remains the same: our philosophy is, and will always be, about providing exceptional patient care.

Dr. Alfred Rosenbaum and Dr. Stanley Rosenfeld have been with the practice since close to the beginning, along with Debbie Low, who we interviewed below. While Dr. Ayala Rosenbaum, Alfred’s daughter, hasn’t been a radiologist as long as the others, she did grow up in this practice, and now she’s achieved her dreams of saving lives alongside her father. And now, Dr. Mark Pinals has joined out practice as well.

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