Your doctor suggests you undergo a diagnostic imaging test, now what? The first important decision is choosing what imaging center is best for your procedure.  Your imaging center can directly play a role in your overall imaging experience and test results so choosing a quality center is of utmost importance. Here are a few things to look for when you’re searching for an imaging center. 

1. Price

It’s important to shop around for your radiology service and save up to a thousand dollars. Check out to save up to 80% on your imaging procedure.

2. Location

Choosing an imaging center with a convenient location. Our office is located in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan next door to Eli’s Foods

3. What’s the turn around time

Will your doctor have images and results in the same day, next day or will it take a week?  Just remember a happy doctor means a happy patient, and the quicker the doctor has your results the faster they can fix you. We have four on-site radiologists that can provide one-on-one consultations with patients moments after your procedure .

4. Ease of Access

We are located a short walk from #6 Train Stop at Lexington & 77th Street.

5. easy-to-use website   

When it comes to scheduling appointments and filling out patient forms, our site has the resources to make your imaging test prep a breeze. Whether it’s our information service page or our radiologist bios, we want our patients to feel prepared and informed prior to their procedure.

6. Smiling Faces  

Who would want to go to a location that doesn’t make you feel welcome?  Our staff is dedicated to providing our patients with quality patient care. 

7. Open or Closed?

There are different types of MRI machines so be sure you choose the one that fits your needs. If you suffer from claustrophobia or scan anxiety, our Open MRI scanner may be for you!

8. Office environment

Can you watch TV while you wait, read a book or magazine, help us vote on our contests? Rosetta Radiology offers you a short wait in a comfortable office environment. 

9. Flexibility

We will work with you and your schedule, make your appointment early or late. Easily request an appointment time online and one of our staff members will contact you to confirm.

10. Certified Staff

Make sure you have the ability to ask questions to someone who can answer them properly. Look for a center that is ACR Accredited and held to the highest radiology standards. 

We hope these tips help you choose the best imaging center for your needs. If you think we’re the perfect fit, be sure to schedule an appointment today to meet with one of our on-site radiologists. We promise you’ll receive quality care and accurate results at Rosetta Radiology!