Hot Chocolate: Good for the Soul and Brain

Harvard’s recent study included 60 lucky participants drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day and seeing how it affected their cognitive skills. They found that those two delicious cups “could help sharpen cognitive skills and keep their brains healthy.”


The drink leads to more blood flow to the brain, which plays an important role in cognitive diseases. This neurovascular coupling could lead to more research in treating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

However, the hot chocolate acts more like a treatment than an encouraged life change, meaning that people with an already healthy blood flow didn’t experience the positive changes than people with poor blood flow experienced. Rather, they didn’t experience any changes at all.

So, if you feel your memory and thought processes aren’t what they used to be, try drinking some hot chocolate or, really, any chocolate will do.

Dark chocolate is the healthier option because it’s more filling and lessens cravings for unhealthy foods.

For the full article from NY Daily News, click here. To see the video explaining the process, click here.

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