Healthy Holiday Eating

Have you been working hard to look good in those winter leggings and ugly Christmas sweaters? Don’t give up just because holiday cookie recipes have flooded the Internet. Don’t let the holiday-weight-anxiety ruin this amazing time. With a few simple steps, thanks to The Blood Sugar Solution Program, you can take the healthy road.

  1. Remember the holiday is just a normal day. Don’t avoid breakfast and lunch so you can binge on dinner and dessert.
  2. Try having a protein-rich snack one hour before the big holiday meal.
  3. Plan to have some healthy options on the holiday table. There are some links to recipes below.
  4. Check out all the options before you load your plate. Be smart about your choices.
  5. Set a goal, or a limit, and stick to it by sharing it with someone else at the table or writing it down.
  6. You should always have soup, vegetables, or a salad as the first course. It should help curb the craving cycle.
  7. Make sure to finish two glasses of water, preferably with lemon, after the meal.
  8. Have something planned for the after the meal with your friends or family members: a game, cleaning up, a walk…
  9. Eat mindfully, meaning take deep breaths, contribute to conversation, put your fork down while you chew.
  10. Make sure you enjoy every bite.

The following are some healthy recipes to consider for the holidays:

You can read the full article and list of 10 helpful steps here.

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