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Last year we received one of the highest compliments a physician’s office can be paid: a letter sent to us from a happy patient, telling us what we’re doing right and how we helped them.  Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is the dream, and we couldn’t help but share it–even a year later! Having letters sent to us like this makes us realize that what we’re trying to do for patients is being appreciated, which makes it all worth it.

In most common radiology practices, a patient comes in for a test and spends about 30 minutes of time with the tech and has some interaction with front desk staff or the scheduling department, but they will likely not SEE their radiologist. At Rosetta Radiology, we think that is just nuts! Every patient that comes to our office will not only see a radiologist, but meet them and have the chance to ask them questions.  It doesn’t seem like much, considering in any other specialty, patients would certainly spend time with their doctor; but with radiology the scenarios are different. Not here.

Thank you so much to this patient for the wonderful feedback! If you’re a patient who has had a good experience with us, please feel free to review us on our Facebook page (Facebook link), our Yelp page (Yelp link), or submit a testimonial on our website. 

upper east side health recommendation

upper east side health recommendation

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