3 Ways Aging Isn’t Always Awful

Aging, especially in America, has such negative connotations. There are all kinds of “anti-aging” products, surgeries to make you look younger, and medications to take to keep you in your prime. Although aging does have its fair share of medical problems, it isn’t always awful. Here are 3 ways to prove it!

1. The older you get, the better you can manage emotions and social conflict. 

The University of Michigan conducted a study in which people had to answer “Dear Abby” letters with their best advice. The group that was best able to see different point of views and provide multiple solutions or compromise suggestions was the group who were in their 60s or older. 

Another study was done a few years ago that had to do with gambling characteristics. Those in their 60s again had better results than their younger counterparts because they were less affected emotionally from losing and they had less anxiety from not taking as risky chances. Researchers also have shown that the older we get, the more satisfied and happy we are overall… who could complain about that?

2. The older you get, the more positive your well being.

Similar to how older people are more satisfied and happier, older people are more wise and proud of themselves too. With aging, we learn so much about things that would bother us or that we didn’t understand when we were younger. Additionally, after retirement, older people are proud of their accomplishments or feel empowered to get involved in volunteering activities that give them a sense of purpose and pride. 

3. The older you get, the better your brain plasticity. 

Sometimes people have the preconceived notion that we lose brain cells as we age. While this can be true, science has now shown that we can continue to build and grow brain neurons and reshape responses as we continue to learn. Our vocabulary grows over time, so we are able to express ourselves better the older we get too! As long as we keep our brain active, we won’t lose brain plasticity, but rather gain it.

There are more benefits to aging, but these are just a few that stand out to us! So instead of trying to hide the wrinkles and gray hairs, be proud of them and embrace the wisdom that comes with aging. If radiology is part of your medical needs over time, keep us in mind as a resource too!

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