5 Strangely Funny X-Ray Images

As one of the most common bone diagnostic imaging scans, an x-ray is simply a form of radiation which uses electromagnetic waves to create pictures of the inside of your body. While it is most commonly used to determine a broken bone, in these six instances radiologists found more than bones. These six x-ray images, show radiology humor and are only considered to be that because of the strange items that ended up inside of people.

1. To infinity and beyond

Toy Stor character

The classic “Toy Story” character Buzz Lightyear made his way up the backside of this patient. Star Command did not lead Buzz to Planet Z on this mission.

2. Will you marry me?

ring in the stomach

This was the result of a proposal gone wrong, as a man from New Mexico found out after hiding the ring in her milkshake. He had to wait for his answer until the ring completed its journey.  

3. Trust your gut

pair of surgical scissors in the stomach

18 months after surgery, Australian Pat Skinner returned to the hospital complaining of stomach pain. This x-ray shows the pair of surgical scissors that they had lost over a year ago during the surgery.

4. Use with caution

pair of surgical scissors in the neck

In China, someone decided to use a pair of scissors as a toothpick after their meal. They ended up swallowing them when their friend told a joke making them laugh.

5. Is that an egg?!

7-inch kidney stone found in a patient

Looks may deceiving because this is a 7-inch kidney stone found in a patient in Hungary. Once it was removed, it looked like a deformed ostrich egg.

With x-rays simply being a way to take images inside the body, they also are a great tool for physicians to be able to determine what is the best step for a patient especially in rare circumstances such as these. In these cases, all of the patients were unharmed and can be looked back on with a good laugh. If you are in need of an x-ray, make an appointment with one of our Rosetta Radiologists.

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