Father’s day gift ideas

Another holiday is right around the corner. May is always known for being mom’s month, but June is all about the dads. With Father’s day being on Sunday most people are worried about what kind of gift they are going to get for someone who has done so much for them. How can you repay someone with a gift that has given you so much in life? We know it’s hard and for all of you last minute shoppers, we got you covered with some great dad’s day gifts he is sure to enjoy.


For the outdoorsy dad:

 This gift is for the man who is married to mother nature. He enjoys long walks in the woods, hunting trips on the weekend, and grilling dinner next to his tent. A perfect gift for the outdoorsy dad is a Swiss army knife. For the man who has everything it’s great to give him everything in one knife. He will be sure to love it for his next camping trip, and he can also use it when around the house or at work.


For the chef dad:

 He has made most of the dinners you have ever eaten and he doesn’t like people telling him how to cook. This kind of dad loves cooking and grilling almost more than he loves his children. A perfect gift for him is a stainless steel grill set. These are really nice gifts and he will love it because he has new toys to play with.


For the dad that loves reading:

When you were growing up you’d get yelled at because you were watching TV too loudly while dad was sitting in another world reading a book. This type of dad loves peace and quiet, but he also loves creativity. Get your dad a complete newspaper from the city he was born in or lives in. Make it into a little reading book and get his name and the newspaper publication printed on the cover. He will be sure to love the creativity you have and will enjoy reading all about what happened the day he was born.


For the dad that loves drinking:

 He has a full bar in the house and his version of welcoming a guest is asking what beer they want. This type of dad loves to throw back a few cold ones on a Sunday afternoon and just relax. Get him a 6 pack beer carrier, this gift is perfect for transporting beers everywhere he goes, (even though we know he only goes to the couch and fridge). It’s reusable so he can always have it and he can mix and match beers to his liking.


For the athletic dad:

 He made you try out for every sports team at your school, he makes sure you run at least three times a week and is the only person who wakes up at 5 AM to go biking. This dad is adventurous and not afraid of a challenge. A great present for him is a Fitbit, or any other type of device that keeps track of steps and heart rate. Your dad will love it because now he can brag about the 15,000 steps he walked the other day.

Every dad is different, but whatever present you get for your dad he will love. This day is all about celebrating your dad and letting him do whatever he wants to do on this sacred day, even if what he wants to do is relax and not do a single thing. 

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