Examining Depression and Anxiety Through A Comic Book

Mental health is somewhat of a black sheep in our field. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, something whispered about in corners or waved off as not being a legitimate “medical illness”. Anyone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, however, can tell you with certainty that they’re complex diseases that are incredibly difficult to treat, overwhelming to overcome, and have significant negative impacts on the daily lives of the individuals battling them.

Part of the problem is that people who have never experienced mental health disorders like depression or anxiety simply just don’t understand the depth of the disease, and cannot properly gauge just how difficult they are to deal with. To raise awareness about what living with depression and anxiety is like for many people, The Awkward Yeti’s artist Nick Seluk teamed up with Sarah Flanigan, a young woman suffering from depression and anxiety, to share Sarah’s personal story by publishing a comic depicting her battle with the diseases.

The comic is pretty moving and incredibly insightful, and it shares a glimpse into the life of someone who has to work every day to overcome depression and anxiety. It’s an eye-opener for people who may not understand just how serious these diseases can be, and we hope it’s able to successfully raise awareness and understanding about mental health disorders as a whole.

Here’s the comic, which we found on The Huffington Post.

I have depression and anxiety disoders
I have to force myself out of the bed
I can't rally motivation to do anything
Mom says like your where so happy yesterday. it makes me cringe
depression and anxiety are teammates
their goal to drag me down
they make me feel useless
they steal my energy
however, sometimes they go on vacation
I never know how long the vacation will last
but I get stuff
done, while they are away
because I never know when they'll come back
I never know
I have to be prepared when they return
anxiety and depression are defeated

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