Testimonial Time!

It goes without saying that we have the best patients out there. Hands down. No arguing. It’s a fact.  Every week we’re amazed by the interactions that we have and by the people that we meet. Every week there’s a patient who manages to put a smile on our faces or inspire us to be better. Every week there’s a new reason to keep coming back to work, and that reason is you.

We aren’t kidding when we say that we literally could not do what we do without help from each and every one of you. This year, we want to make a bigger effort to celebrate our patients. The moments we share with you, the experiences that you have at our center, and the encouragement you give us that helps keep us going!

So here are comments from a few lovely ladies that made us smile!

Elizabeth Benedict told us: “I was blown away by the care and service when getting routine mammogram, and particularly by the fact that they tell you the results RIGHT AWAY. I have never been to a mammo facility that does this.”

Martha Furlong told us: “One of the most professional and patient oriented medical facilities I have ever used. Getting results immediately is just one of the reasons to love them. It is their accuracy and patient relationship that truly is special. Having worked in health care for many years as well as negotiation the paths of mammograms over the years gives me a good perspective, I believe.”

Thanks so much, you guys! We’re so grateful for the support of our patients, and as patients continue to share on our Facebook their feedback about their experiences at our center, we’ll continue highlighting them so that we can show everyone just how much you guys rock!

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